P'application Studio

Life found a way.

P'application Studio was created in 2014 and our mission is to create products we’re truly proud of. Programming opens new gates to give you insight of the world we created in our dreams and we hope to offer you an adventurous and fun time as we believe that programming is one of the most magnificent art of our time.

Blixi is the sequel to Tvinnr. Relaxing puzzle game with beautiful neumorphic design. Swipe & merge the circles.
Merge and feel the flow. Tvinnr is an intelligent puzzle game with simple and elegant design. Though challenging, Tvinnr has a relaxing flow of play.
In the futuristic dark world of Pathless it is easy to get lost, will you find the way out? Memorize the different paths and try to repeat them in the same order. You must repeat the sequence of steps precisely to succeed.
Match the blocks with the unique aiming beams in the circular playground. Last Beam provides wide range complexity with almost infinite variations to complete the different levels.
Dark Beyond is setting place in the epicenter of gravity field where you have to sustain energy level by destroying circles and making combos.
Abantus Saga 2 takes place in a space-like atmosphere, and your task is to line up like-colored squares to form rows or columns.
Lead Them is an action-adventure platformer game, setting place in a dark atmospheric microorganistic world.

"The perfect quality release of products is just the beginning. The real challenge comes afterwards."
- Oliver Papp -